Award Wallet Review and Tutorial

Before getting started with AwardWallet, you should first read my post on Creating Travel Loyalty Accounts.

In my last article I instructed you to create numerous travel accounts for the major airlines and hotel programs. I also talked a lot about the importance of staying organized in travel hacking. Organization is absolutely crucial for long term success, and today I want to tell you about a service that helps you keep your travel rewards in one location.

AwardWallet is an account aggregator which allows you to control and view all of those travel accounts in one location, with just one login! It works by allowing you to sign into each of those travel loyalty accounts from your personal dashboard. AwardWallet then stores the login information on an encrypted server, and automatically updates your account balances, reminds you of point expiration dates, and even your upcoming itinerary. It’s a fantastic, FREE service that I use all the time.

If that weren’t enough, you can also manage other people’s travel rewards from the same dashboard. After linking accounts, you can allow permission to view and change the settings and accounts. I use AwardWallet to manage my wife’s accounts and make changes to them as necessary.

AwardWallet comes in two flavors of your choosing. The first is the free edition, which has everything you need. The other is the plus edition, which has a few added features, including unlimited point expiration notifications. The plus edition pricing is $30 per year, and here is a comparison chart of the two versions:

Award Wallet Comparison Chart


AwardWallet Tutorial

Now lets create an AwardWallet account and add your travel accounts.

First, click here to sign up. (for every five people who use our link, we get 6 months of Award Wallet Plus.)

Create your username and password, and then continue.

Now you are ready to add your travel accounts. This screen should pop up:



Click the Add button and it will take you the programs page. There are ten different categories that you can browse, or you can simply type in the program you are looking for in the search box.




I’m going to search for American Airlines, but you could also simply scroll down and click the green add + button on the right.

You will see this screen once you do so.

Award Wallet Tutorial


Go ahead and input your account number and password that you created when you signed up for American Airlines in my last article. All the programs in AwardWallet will require either your account number or your email login, plus your password. If you don’t know that information, find it before adding accounts to AwardWallet.

Click add, then add any other accounts by scrolling up and clicking the green plus next to balances. It looks like this:


Award Balances


When you are finished adding accounts, the home screen will look like this. Note that you can see your account balances (I had 112,801 American miles at this time), expiration dates, and any status with the program. On the far right you can see three little icons. The first is to refresh the specific program, the second is to edit login information, and the one on the far right allows you to delete the account from AwardWallet.

Award Info


When you have numerous accounts that you are managing, updating them one at a time gets old. Luckily, you can just click “update all” at the top right hand side of the screen. Click the button and you’ll see:

Review Updates


That’s it! Easy stuff!

A Few Issues to Report

As great as the service is, it has a few faults. Almost all programs work with AwardWallet, but a few decided to be difficult.

Delta, Southwest, and United have restricted full access to AwardWallet, but it is possible to get around the restrictions.

To get it to work normally, just log into your Delta, Southwest, and United accounts, and change your email address to [AwardWallet username]  (Yes, you put your AwardWallet username in the [brackets]

award-email blocks

Delta, Southwest, and United will send weekly or monthly account updates to your AwardWallet email address, which then automatically updates your Award Wallet accounts. Award Wallet will then forward those emails to your email address and all is good!


AwardWallet is currently the easiest way to manage your travel rewards. There are few other programs out there, but I keep coming back to AwardWallet.

As an added plus, if you have a smartphone, you can download the app and do most of this stuff from your mobile device.

Grab a free account today

Last Updated: March 9, 2017

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  1. For the United example, I changed my primary email contact to my awardwallet address, however, some of the messages I get from United, Awardwallet is not able to process them for an itinerary or mileage balance. Unfortunately, I just want to access those emails, but there appears to be no way to be able to access those emails via the site. Do you have any tips on being able to access those emails? It seems crazy that I cannot access these emails since they were sent to me…

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